“Designs that rise above short terms trends – attractive, functional and sustainable”

Christian Frank Design and Development Director at OLYMP
1 : 4 design model of the OLYMP Mellow

Good design is characterised by aesthetics, order, functional coherence and exquisite material quality. Perfect design combines beauty and user quality to create a holistic experience. And how is perfection achieved? If something is to be completely and utterly perfect, you don’t go looking for outside help! It is precisely this conviction that OLYMP also follows. Specifically this means that all products are conceived of and developed, designed and tried and tested in the OLYMP company itself. This ensures that the stringent requirements of day-to-day hairdressing in terms of aesthetics, suitability for daily use, ergonomics and durability are fully met.

Achieving a perfect design is a team effort. Lots of expert, style-savvy and perspicacious creative geniuses collaborate with the OLYMP Design and Development Director Christian Frank. YOU however are the most important creator in this process! OLYMP maintains an intensive dialogue with hairdressers based on many years’ experience and deep conviction. Day by day