Lighting design


Lighting is about more than just dark and light
Professional lighting design goes hand in hand with the interior design of the rooms. Proven lighting experts create the foundations for perfect working conditions and a unique ambience.
Why professional lighting design is so vital for salons:
  • Lighting that has been planned with a hairdresser’s needs in mind allows for the perfect rendering of the hair colour;
  • Such a lighting arrangement helps to create shadow-free and low-shadow working zones;
  • The targeted positioning of special lights increases the glossiness of the customer’s hair;


Direct lighting

Direct lighting is where the light shines directly from the light source onto the areas being illuminated. It is generally provided by ceiling-mounted lights with a light distribution that falls predominantly downwards.

Indirect lighting

In this case, the light reaches its destination via reflections. Indirect lights are either mounted on the wall or suspended from the ceiling. The light predominantly shines upwards and is reflected back to produce softer, dispersed lighting.

Direct and indirect lighting

A combination of direct light sources and indirect reflections. Different types of lights are installed which emit the light both upwards and downwards. The aim of OLYMP salon lighting design is to create a perfect balance between the general brightness level within the space and interesting lighting accents through balanced direct and indirect lighting.