OLYMP is supporting the Barber Angels at the 2019 Wacken Open Air

The first brilliant charity performance by the Barber Angels at the 2019 WACKEN Open Air is over! And OLYMP supported the event as a sponsor by providing the styling chairs. On the 30th anniversary of the world’s largest heavy metal festival WACKEN 2019, the Barber Angels were allowed to take part for the very first time. 13 Barber Angels and three Orga Angels from across Germany took up the invitation by the WACKEN Foundation to set up two camps to cut the hair of artists backstage and festival goers on the grounds of the festival for a good cause. Members of the public queued from 10am to 9pm each day to get their hair and beards cut, to have colourful hair extensions plaited in and even to have hair waxed from their backs or chest hair tattoos created – all for a donation.

Barber Angels Brotherhood e.V.

Barber Angels cut hair for a good cause for the first time at 2019 WACKEN Open Air

Barber Angels-Team beim WACKEN Open Air 2019_(c)Peter Kremayr Photographie

It was the joy and togetherness of the over 85,000 festival goers that most stood out for the “festival debutants”. Cleanliness, helpfulness, no jostling, despite the large numbers of attendees, and perfect organisation – these are the impressions of the Barber Angels of this unbelievable experience. The offer was to cut hair for a good cause – and the Barber Angels with their president and founder Claus Niedermaier are very proud of being able to donate a truly substantial amount to the WACKEN Foundation for promoting young talent. “We are completely thrilled with the fantastic donations from the festival goers! 50% of the donations are going directly to the WACKEN Foundation and 50% to our association's funds!”said international president Claus Niedermaier, beaming. “And, of course, we are looking forward to being there next year as well. But certainly with a lot more Barber Angels, so that we can meet the unbelievable demand!”

The Barber Angels are extremely grateful for this fantastic invitation and, above all, for the outstanding organisation, for the visitors who all donated so generously, and to the sponsors for their great support.

About “Barber Angels Brotherhood e.V.” On 27th November 2016, Claus Niedermaier, a hairdresser from Biberach an der Riß, founded the “Barber Angels Brotherhood” club together with his colleagues. It has been registered as an association since 8th November 2017 under VR 721180 with Ulm registered court. It is registered as a charity with Biberach tax office under tax no. 54002/41620 and is authorised to receive donations. After completing his hairdresser training, Claus Niedermaier, the “barber of Biberach”, worked in London, Paris and Milan. He got his master’s qualification and practised in Los Angeles with one of the most famous hairdressers in the world from Beverly Hills. He has been running his own salon “Figaro Claus” in his home town of Biberach since 1992. He has 12 members of staff. Since then, the “Barber Angels”, now with over 300 members, have been working each week in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain/Majorca and in the Netherlands to give the homeless and other people their dignity back with free haircuts and beard trims. www.b-a-b.club.